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TB English Roast Battle Istanbul event is here!  Come join us on the best English night out on the 19th of JANUARY Thursday at 9 PM at Aylak Bar Kadikoy! 

 Murat Gencoglu will host the show.

First Slappers Semi Finals:

Fatih Bayrakcil vs. Jan Scott Forman
Aysegul Frame vs. Erinc Demir

Kill Biber Quarter Finals:

Hassan OJ vs. Ali Joa
Denis Smirnov vs. Tom Davidson

  • Jan Scott Forman came here from America on a Mavi Tour more than 20 years ago, liked what he saw, STAYED and has been sharing his uniquely hilarious perspective on being a Yabanci in modern Türkiye in English AND in Turkish…,well, in his Turkish!
  • Hassan OJ is a young multilingual comedian from Pakistan who studies and works in Istanbul, He’s been here for two years but already has a lot to say, He lives for Improv comedy. He will either become a Computer engineer or a Comedian and you get to decide. He loves Turkish and Vegan people. His opinions will either make either cry or laugh, mostly both.
  • Ali Jo is an Iraqi comedian and DJ living in Istanbul who’s been a die-hard fan of comedy since his childhood and will defend it until his last breath. His style of dark storytelling and joke writing is drawn from his personal experiences and his often-skewed perspective on reality. He loves exploring different cultures and mediating between them which inevitably ends up offending everyone involved.
  • Erinc Demir started as a guy who laughs too hard at stand-up shows. Nobody paid him for that service. People still think he looks like ‘Oflu Hoca’. Please Google. He still comes to open mics because his friends don’t open his calls. We can’t throw him out. This is getting creepy, send help.
  • Murat Gencoglu is a global comedian who started his comedy career at an early age in by starting the first open mic in Turkey. Fluent in humour in both Turkish and English comedy, Murat frequently travels around Europe to do shows in both Turkish and English. His dark but cute jokes will give you laughtery overload. Nowadays he is nurturing the English comedy scene in Istanbul/Turkey to create a new hub for travelling comedians to meet with Istanbul crowds.
  • Aysegul Frame is an Oxford graduate comedian. She lived on 4 different continents and met people and animals from over 150 different nations, however now she is back to her only home Turkey, İstanbul. Her background is in Improv Comedy from London Toastmasters. She does bilingual stand up and her dream is to do Arabic comedy someday for hairless Arabic tourist who comes to Turkey for treatment.
  • Denis Smirnov Denis Smirnov is a Russian comedian who started a new life and career in Turkey. He performed on TV in Russia since 2017. Travelling comedian who performed in 9 countries and 20 cities of the EU and dozens of cities of Russia.
  • Tom Davidson is a straight white male from both France and Great Britain. As such, he is pretty much the ultimate oppressor, and he likes to colonise crowds with laughter everywhere he goes. A former expat in China, he is joining the Straight Outta China comedy collective, ready to take the UK by storm as soon as December.
  • Fatih Bayrakcil, a.k.a. Misfit Chameleon, is an English speaking comedian from the exotic town of Sivas, who thought he had an alright childhood until looking back on it to find jokes. He never quite fits in but is under the false impression that he disguises it well.

The show will be hosted at Aylak Bar Kadıkoy. The last call for attending the show is 30 minutes after the show starts or your tickets will be cancelled. The tickets are non-refundable.

Tickets may be available at the door depending on the capacity (cash only)



19 Ocak


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Aylak Bar Kadıköy
Caferağa Mah. Tellalzade Sk. No:13
Kadıköy / İstanbul, İstanbul 34710 Türkiye
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